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Arboreal - Shaping the world tree by tree

We are proud to announce our investment in Arboreal, one of the leading sustainable forestry companies in South America. After acquiring the largest sawmill in Uruguay last year, with an annual capacity of 250k m3, we are now investing another $20 million in a cross-laminated timber production line – by far the largest in South America. Why CLT? Technical timber (a.k.a. mass timber) is an economically viable way to decarbonize the construction industry, which accounts for a large part of global CO2 emissions. Using timber as a construction material is more than carbon neutral - it could actually sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Mass timber allows for quicker construction compared to conventional materials such as steel and concrete (both very highly carbon intensive). It is also beautiful. Sustainable forestry is the key to unlock CLT’s true potential, and we are excited to be one of the pioneers in this promising industry. Back to NewsPostScriptum Home