Current Pipeline Past Investments

The Postscriptum investment portfolio is quite broad, but with a focus on energy and particularly on renewable energy.

Continental Wind Partners LLC is one of the world's leading wind project development companies. The Company has already developed and built several projects totaling more than 700 MW and has a pipeline of approximately 3 GW under development in Central and Eastern Europe and Australia.

Countryside Renewables LLP is in the business of development, acquisition and finance of solar photovoltaic projects in the UK. The company has a large portfolio of projects under development. Founders have financed over EUR 1 billion of wind and solar energy projects across Europe.

Freedom Energy develops, finances, and builds offgrid power projects. By intelligently combining solar with battery storage, we provide reliable baseload power in a range of offgrid situations. Utilizing the best available technology, an innovative development approach and creative financial structures, we deliver affordable, clean power in non-electrified locations around the globe.

Georama is the world’s first real-time virtual tour platform. Georama’s vision is to help anyone travel anywhere in the world instantly. When people can’t go where they want to go, whether it be due to time, money, or physical limitations, Georama’s technology helps them go there virtually, in real-time via guided and interactive live video tours. Georama’s platform enables organizations and individuals to provide live mobile guided tours in HD quality with low latency and superior reliability from a smartphone, wearable camera, or 360˚ camera to viewers around the world. Viewers can interact in real-time to ask questions and make suggestions thereby controlling the experience as if they were there. Georama is focused on enabling real-time virtual experiences that are mobile, authentic, and personalized – whether it be across mobile, web, tablet, or VR headsets.

GGE, based in Slovenia, is among the leading companies in the field of energy efficiency services in SE Europe. GGE’s innovative energy efficiency solutions meet the expectations and standards of the most demanding customers. GGE has assembled a talented team of engineers, finance experts and construction workers who are driven to deliver innovative, high-impact solutions.

With the help of investments by Postscriptum and Blackpeak Capital, GGE has aggressively expanded into Serbia, Bulgaria and Croatia – some of the most promising energy efficiency markets in Europe – and is on track to becoming SEE’s leading energy efficiency solutions provider.

IPS is a fully-integrated manufacturer of high-quality and reliable power supply systems. IPS’ innovative EXERON technology is a unique, scalable system that allows for the cost-effective and dependable utilization of renewable energy, in combination with storage, to provide power in off-grid situations. In 2014, the EXERON system won the Intersolar 2014 world innovation award for EES (Electrical Energy Storage) in Munich, Germany, probably the highest achievement in the area of renewable energy.

PostScriptum Property Partners

PostScriptum Property Partners is a development partner of a soon-to-be-built business and conference hotel in Munich Germany.

River Power Solutions develops, finances, and builds heat pump based municipal district heating projects in the Central & Eastern European region. The company’s pilot project is in Belgrade, Serbia utilizing water from the river Sava to bring clean and sustainable heat into the city’s district heating network.

Silverline Recycling LLC is a privately owned company focused on the recycling of waste materials from the metals mining and processing industries. Utilizing the latest technologies available, Silverline sustainably and cost-effectively recycles various waste products, thus recovering precious resources that otherwise end up in landfills and alleviating environmental problems.

Software Group is a leading IT company focused on end-to-end solutions for the financial sector. The company serves a worldwide client base from six main offices located in Bulgaria, Kenya, Ghana, Philippines, Mexico and Australia. All offices employ an experienced team of professionals, with an outstanding track record of handling complex financial development projects. Software Group prides itself on delivering products and services which adhere to the principles of quality, transparency and affordability.

Software Group provides solutions to a range of players in the financial sector but focuses particularly on working with microfinance institutions (MFIs), savings cooperatives, credit unions, small and medium sized banks, supermarket chains and investment / donor organizations.